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The return of my blog!

Astute observers will notice that it’s been two years (almost exactly) since the last time I posted to this blog. I’d like to change that!

In the past, I tried too hard to conform to my blog’s theme, which was supposed to be about my observations and experiences in transforming innovative ideas into usable products. Starting now, I’ll be more unbounded in my posts. I might as well just call this “Dave Koelle’s Blog” instead of “From Idea to Product” – although I still insist that, in both my work and my personal projects, my expected end-state of an interesting idea is the development of a practical, real-world implementation that others find useful, usable, and enjoyable.

So, what’s happened over the past two years? I twice presented JFugue at JavaOne (making three times total). A JFugue-based tool, Log4JFugue, was featured in the September 2009 issue of PragPub Magazine as well as my 2009 JavaOne presentation. Log4JFugue is written by Brian Tarbox of Wabi Sabi Software (who presented with me at JavaOne). You can even learn more about JFugue on Wikipedia (thanks, JFugue user community!).

My Alphanum algorithm for properly sorting strings that contain numbers has garnered additional attraction through StumbleUpon.

Other side projects have kept me busy over the past two years as well, like my polyhedra-building microhobby (the Great Dodecahedron and Great Icosahedron are my newest favorite shapes) as well as other endeavors. There’s always something interesting noodling around in my head!

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