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The reviews are in: JFugue is a hit!

At this year’s JavaOne, I presented JFugue to an audience of 136 people (Session TS-1130). I’m pleased to report that I’ve heard favorable reviews all around!

Geertjan Wielenga, my co-presenter who demonstrated his Music NotePad (backed by JFugue), had this to say (Link):

“[…] it was up there with the best presentations I have ever attended. Dave Koelle was awesome. He presented the story clearly, coherently, with a touch of humor, and a lot of enthusiasm. The room, containing 136 people, as I later found out, was clearly totally engrossed in his story. I saw many nodding heads when Dave talked about the frustrations of MIDI programming. He had some great slides that showed long code listings of how things are done traditionally and how they are done with the JFugue API. And he played bits of music to illustrate his point, showing how the music was constructed.”

Michael Nascimento Santos reported (Link):

“From Thursday, I would like to highlight the excellent JFugue talk delivered mainly by David Koelle and with special guest star Geertjan Wielenga. David is a terrific speaker, his work is amazingly cool, his demos rocked and he managed to be funny. Geertjan […] focused on demonstrating how JFugue was simple to use, which just makes more people interested in his application and, well, NetBeans. So, another note to J1 selection team: we want more music-related talks, preferably with David!”

JavaOne itself was a blast. I met lots of interesting people, including many names in the industry that I’ve been wishing to meet, and forged new relationships. In addition, some of the technology was pretty cool, particularly SunSPOTs and some of the latest in Filthy-Rich Clients. JavaFX was cool, but I think it still needs a little work to complete with Flash and to integrate unidirectionally with Java itself.

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  1. August 15, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks for speaking at NEJUG on Thursday night. JFugue is an impressive accomplishment.

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