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Just saw the One Laptop Per Child prototype

I just had a personal demonstration of One Laptop Per Child, thanks to my friend SJ [blog]. I am incredibly impressed – I have no doubt that this is going to revolutionize learning and knowledge across the world. Many other patrons at Z Square looked over our shoulders and asked about the perfectly-sized device.

This machine is amazing – and it has a bunch of features. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing the image below from the OLPC Wikipedia entry – please note that the image is shared under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license. Just look at everything they’ve packed into the little wonder! The real amazing thing will be when this gets distributed to children in countries that don’t have strong libraries, educational facilities, and so on. Kids can take this, sit under a tree, and read any book they have on their computer, or peek at the workings of the programs on the system, or create ad-hoc networks with each other and share pictures and videos… the possibilities are really limitless.


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